Kingdom of the Dracorum

This nation rules the northernmost area of Drokaria.



The dragonborn Dracorn family has ruled the kingdom for centuries, dating back to the Forming. At one time the kingdom controlled nearly all of Drokaria, but the southern provinces felt misrepresented in the eyes of the empire. A human named Melosh led a group of rebels to throw out the dragonborn lords in their lands. During the Rebellion of Melosh devastating raids by the goliaths of the Lamaran Mountains forced Patrin III to abandon a large portion of the empire in order to protect their ancient homeland leaving his forces stranded with no support. For years, the Dracorum have fought off the growing goliath threat.

Present Day

In the wake of this period of upheaval, the Kingdom of the Dracorum has now reached some stability. Their armies have pushed the large majority of goliaths back to their mountain refuges. Trade routes have now been established with various tribes of elves and humans from the Plains of the Freemen.

Kingdom of the Dracorum

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